18V Li-ion Cordless Mobile Safety Helmet Fan

18V Li-ion Cordless Mobile Safety Helmet Fan

  • $39.00

Model: BCF050Z


  • Provides air flow into the hard hat or around the neck of the user
  • Over discharge protection circuit
  • Elastic helmet strap with 3 anti-slip silicone pads on the back
  • 20hrs max runtime on normal speed
  • 7.5m/sec air speed for maximum cooling
  • Universal fit to any safety helmet
  • Battery holder clips on to belt


  • Continuous run time:
    • High: up to 10hrs
    • Low: up to 20hrs
  • Max air flow:
    • High: 0.20m³/min
    • Low: 0.14m³/min
  • Max air velocity:
    • High: 7.5m/sec
    • Low: 5.0m/sec
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • Fan: 147mm x 74mm x 71mm
    • Battery holder: 141mm x 74mm x 88mm
  • Weight:
    • Fan: 0.63kg
    • Battery holder: 0.85kg